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Navigating Different Types of Interviews

Navigating Different Types of Interviews

Throughout your career, you will most likely run into several different kinds of interviews. Below are a few different types of interviews, as well as tips for navigating each kind of interview.

Before discussing different interview structures, let’s talk about the two different types of interviews that you will be most likely to encounter.

Behavioral interviews will be centered around questions that reflect your previous behaviors in similar situations. The interview questions will ask for specific examples of times that you were in similar situations and what your behavior was during those situations. Essentially, the hiring manager will be asking questions to assess your pattern of behavior.

Competency-based interviews will be set up to assess your skills.

One on One Interviews
This type of interview will most likely be with the hiring manager for the role and will be just you and them. For these interviews, dress professionally, show up on time, answer questions with examples from your career, and ask questions throughout the interview.

Phone Interviews
Phone interviews are usually one-on-one interviews done remotely or over the phone. These may be with a recruiter or the hiring manager. Find a quiet space to take the call, limit distractions, answer questions thoroughly, and always ask the interviewer some questions. If the interview is on-camera, make sure that you are dressed professionally and have a professional setting in the background.

Panel Interviews
Panel interviews would be in-person or virtual interviews with a hiring team instead of just one manager. Make sure to address each person in the group, answer all questions, and direct specific questions to each panel member.


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