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Creating and Supporting Meaningful Careers Nationwide

Across our organization, employees are advancing their careers and making meaningful differences for our customers. Those same growth opportunities are available to every employee at every level. Here are some of their stories.

Working for ACRT has been an amazing experience, we are a fast-growing company that invests in our people. Because of that investment, I don’t have a job — I have a career I love to say is mine. Between the amazing people you will meet, the education that will be afforded to you, and the opportunities that will be presented, ACRT is a great career choice. — Curtis Morgan, ACRT

There were primarily two things that made my decision so easy when it came to working with ACRT Pacific. Those two reasons were the people and the work. I get the opportunity to come to work every day doing something I love to do. On top of that, I’ve made everlasting friendships with people I’m now lucky to call my ACRT family. This company cares about your well-being and your success. I can’t really think of a better place to start my journey in this career.  — Caitlin Sailer, ACRT Pacific

Just wanted to send a short email about why I love working for Bermex. Since I was hired in September of ’99, this has felt more like coming in to hang with your family — not just co-workers. In all the work we do down here in Georgia, from collections to service and audits, we have each other’s backs at all times. That’s exactly how it is once you start working for Bermex. At the drop of hat, our supervisor will come to fix any problem in the field. I enjoy all that I do, from tamper alarms to power theft, while also looking for calls from any of the guys to help out if needed — because that’s what you do for family and that’s Bermex in a nutshell. Everything happens for a reason, and September of ’99 when was hired was truly a blessing to me. I wouldn’t change a thing. — Marcus Kelly, Bermex

This company is great to work for because they invest in the education, development, and engagement of their employees. The personal care and feeling from upper management are very different from other companies that have no connections with field-level employees. The benefits are extensive and available after a very short probationary period. Advancement opportunities are vast and extremely varied. There are definitely a lot of different areas to learn and grow in. — Nicole Stone, ACRT Pacific

ACRT won me over as a lifelong employee within the first three months on the job. ACRT has acknowledged my hard work and dedication since I started and has always made me feel appreciated and recognized for the benefit that I bring to the company. The culture of this company is unique, not only in our industry, but also amongst all the companies that I have ever worked for or with. The culture of ACRT nurtures the continuous improvement of all aspects of our business and continues to drive the forward progress of the safety of our customers our industry and the communities we all support. — Zak Jansen, ACRT Pacific