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How to Plan Your Next Steps After Job Rejection

Rejection is just a part of the job application process.

Don’t let a rejection get you down — put yourself back out there and keep working to find the right role for you.

  1. Say Thank You — Following a rejection, make sure to reach out to the hiring manager or recruiter to say thank you. The next job you apply for could be with the same company or if you need to use a connection you made during the application process this is the best next step.
  2. Ask for Feedback — Not all companies will take the time to provide this, but if they are willing, ask the recruiter or hiring manager what recommendations they have for you to improve your resume or interview interactions. This can only improve your chances in the future.
  3. Improve Your Resume — When job hunting and before every application always look for ways to improve your resume. Your resume can quickly qualify or disqualify you for a role so make sure it represents you.
  4. Don’t Take It Personally — Again, rejection is a part of the application process, so don’t be offended if you aren’t selected, just keep applying and always be professional.
  5. Use New Connections — If the interview process went well, but it just wasn’t the right fit, use the connections you’ve gained. Someone you meet in an interview could lead to your next great job. So, reach out to new connections on career networking websites and start a conversation.
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