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Transitioning Talents: The Unique Story of an Army Recruiter Now Empowering Employee-Owners

Transitioning Talents: The Unique Story of an Army Recruiter Now Empowering Employee-Owners

Some people discover their careers naturally, others stumble upon them by accident, and then some, like Jesus “Sal” Salcido, are “voluntold” in which path to take.

In Salcido’s case, the United States Army paid attention to his high assessment scores and rapid promotions, which earned him a job as a recruiter – a position that came with little excitement in the eyes of Salcido.

“At that time, I didn’t talk to anybody, I was very by myself. I didn’t have that personality to just talk to somebody – it wasn’t ever part of who I was as a person,” he explains.

Looking back, Salcido realizes how young he was. As a 21-year-old, he made the decision, “I was going to succeed no matter what. Even if it took 1,000 phone calls or talking to 1,000 people, I was going to find somebody.”

He indeed was successful and was meritoriously promoted twice in recruiting.

After serving in the Army for nearly 13 years, Salcido went straight to college and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He’s also completed his doctorate program in human performance improvement, all but the dissertation.

Before joining our family of companies, Salcido recruited for government positions such as contractors, government agencies, subcontractors, manufacturers of air defense, and so on. Now, he serves as a recruiting supervisor at ACRT Services where he oversees a team of recruiters and has the opportunity to mentor others.

Salcido says he may be biased, but to him, “[recruiting] is one of the most critical parts of any organization. You can have all the contracts to serve customers, provide services, etc., but without personnel, it won’t count for anything. If I do my part, then we all can succeed.”

It’s people like Sal who are the key to our success at ACRT Services. Learn more about our dedicated employees and family of companies.

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