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Resume Tips: Top 5 Items to Leave Off Your Resume

March 7, 2022

Your resume is your personal sales pitch, so heed these recommendations from our recruiting team to improve your chances of getting that interview.

1. Your High School & College Education

If you have a college degree, ditch the high school education. That’s assumed and just takes up space.

2. No Pictures Necessary

Just don’t do it — pictures don’t belong on your resume!

3. Irrelevant Certifications

Review your resume and remove any irrelevant information or certifications. People often feel the need to fill space rather than focusing on what’s important to include. If you are questioning whether to list it, leave it off!

4. Grammatical Errors

Proofread your resume. Check for misspelled words and capitalization, and make sure it makes sense!

5. Name Your File

Sending in a resume named “sample” is never appealing. Take the time to rename your resume and check to make sure the format used is compatible with the system you are uploading it to. PDF is always the best!

ACRT Services Staff

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