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Resume Key Words

Resume Key Words

When you are looking for a job or new role, it is critical to adjust your resume to fit the job posting that you are applying for. Incorporating keywords is a great way to catch the recruiter’s attention in the application process. Below are some tips for incorporating keywords into your resume.

Incorporate words from the job posting into your resume. Take a look at the job description in the posting and include some of the keywords in your resume. If communication is important in the new job, be sure to include this in your resume with examples of times you have done this in past roles.

Don’t be dishonest. When incorporating keywords, don’t use keywords that aren’t applicable. If you don’t have experience with something specific, don’t add that as a keyword to your resume. Only include relevant keywords.

Review your resume for errors. Double-check your resume or ask someone else to review your resume for you once completed. Making sure that you don’t have any errors goes a long way in the application process.

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