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Our North Star: ACRT Services’ Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles

May 2, 2024

Our North Star: ACRT Services’ Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles

By Christa Arite, Director of Corporate Strategy, ACRT Services

In June of 2023, the ACRT Services executive team, operating company presidents, and members of our Board of Directors met for two days to collaborate and draft the ACRT Services Strategic Plan. As part of this work, the team developed and aligned on a Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Guiding Principles. These statements serve as the foundation of our identity and guide our actions and decisions.

Although a small group was present in the room, we ensured that diverse perspectives were considered prior to the session. We provided multiple avenues, such as round table conversations and surveys, to gather input from every member of the organization. Our employees’ voices were actively sought out and incorporated into the final statements.

Our Vision Statement depicts an aspirational future, where we want our organization to be, encapsulating our hopes, and serves as our over-arching team goal.

ACRT Services Vision

To be the leader for innovation and industry-shaping solutions within the infrastructure and environmental space.

Our Mission Statement defines why our organization exists: who our customers are, what we produce, what makes our business unique, and captures our core competencies. A mission statement provides a sense of identity. I like to think of this statement as a North Star; helping us orient ourselves towards the identified path forward.

ACRT Services Mission

To engage the best people and make them better to foster resiliency, environmental stewardship, compliance, stakeholder partnerships, and safer communities.

Our Guiding Principles represent our values — the core beliefs and principles that define who we are as an organization and guide our behavior and decision-making. Our values shape our culture, influence our relationships, and determine how we interact with our stakeholders and the world around us.

ACRT Services Guiding Principles

  • Accountable to Self and Others
  • Customer and Company Fairness
  • Responsibility of Ownership
  • Trustworthy in All Things

The goal is that every one of our employees can see how their daily work contributes to achieving the broader vision and fulfills the mission while upholding our guiding principles. How can we ensure that this lofty goal is achieved? Here are some ways to ensure we represent and live out the vision, mission, and guiding principles:

  1. Challenge yourself to commit these statements to memory. You will begin to see how your daily work aligns with the company’s strategies.
  2. Start team meetings and gatherings with these statements that embody what we want to achieve, who we are, and what we hold dear.
  3. Recognize and appreciate those in the organization who are working to achieve the Vision, in alignment with who we are, and personify the guiding principles.
  4. Find a spot in your workspace or office to display the one-page visual that has been created. All the statements are on one beautiful page. Don’t let that beauty go to waste!
  5. Are you a leader in the organization? If so, you should represent the organization’s values and demonstrate a commitment to fulfilling its mission and vision.

As we continue to move forward, we will remain diligent in our commitment to our mission, stay focused on our vision of a better future, and live out our guiding principles with integrity. Working together, we can accomplish amazing things and fulfill our shared goals.


ACRT Services Staff

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