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Joanne Pem Elected to ACRT Services Board of Directors

Joanne Pem Elected to ACRT Services Board of Directors

ACRT Services is pleased to announce the election of Joanne Pem, assistant project manager in the marine services division at EnviroScience, to the ACRT Services Board of Directors.

Since joining EnviroScience in 2013, Pem has excelled in project management and has played a critical role in overseeing company and personnel pre-qualifications, managing rental and subcontractor agreements, handling invoicing and account reconciliation, and coordinating human resource activities within the organization’s marine group. Additionally, she manages all cost-plus, federal, and Departments of Transportation invoicing for the company.

The ACRT Services Board of Directors consists of five inside directors, four outside directors, two employee directors, and six advisors. Pem’s election marks a significant milestone as she becomes the first EnviroScience employee to join the Board.

Our Board of Directors is instrumental in shaping the organizational vision and strategy, maintaining the strength of our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) for our nationwide team, and ensuring that our family of companies continues to make a positive, measurable impact on our customers.

Serving as an employee director provides a unique opportunity to engage in strategic discussions that shape our organization. These directors participate in vital decision-making processes, sharing their insights and perspectives with senior leaders.

Newly elected employee directors begin their journey as associate members during their first year, a period focused on learning and integration, before gaining voting rights in their second year. In July, ACRT Operations Manager Anna Davis will complete her term, with ACRT Pacific Operations Manager Rian Owens stepping into the voting director role and Pem assuming the associate member position.

Learn more about the ACRT Services Board of Directors.

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