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Creating a Resume: 5 Ways to Get Noticed

November 7, 2022

When creating a resume, our team recommends the following steps to move your resume to the top of the list.

  1. Contact Information: Always include a cell phone number and email address and ensure they are correct. Make sure you are readily available to the employer/recruiter.
  2. Customization: Focus on creating a resume for the job you want, specifically! If you like to include an objective or summary, customize it toward the job you are applying for. Don’t use the same resume for all applications, show the company/recruiter you put effort toward applying for the role.
  3. Education: Many companies require a certain level of education when applying for a position. Often, the position is created based on a required level of education, so make sure your educational experience is visible (and on page 1).
  4. Work Experience: When applying for a professional role, include all professional work experience that you have, including volunteer work. If the role doesn’t require work experience, it’s recommended to include all employers you have worked for within the past 5+ years (if available). Companies are often using work experience to not only look for key skills but also longevity with employers.
  5. Skills: Include any skills you have learned along the way. If the position is looking for experience in Excel and you have a knowledge base, include it. If the role wants forestry experience include those skills and be specific.

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