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Common Interview Questions and Answers

Common Interview Questions and Answers

What interests you about this role?

This is a great opportunity to highlight your skills, experience, and willingness to learn. A great response would be to tie knowledge that you have gained in past roles, as well as technical skills and abilities to skills needed in this role. Also, highlight your willingness to learn and grow.

A great response to this, as it applies to a consulting utility forester role, would be: I noticed that the job description mentioned that this role would be great for someone that is excited and experienced about working outdoors with a background in forestry. I have a forestry degree and have worked in the field for two years. I love what I do and feel that my experience working independently over the last few years has prepared me for this type of position. I am also looking to learn more about forestry and take on new challenges.

Why would you like to work at our company?

You should always be prepared for this question in an interview. Do your research on the company you are applying with and be prepared to discuss any questions.

A great response would be: On your website, I saw that your company was the only independent national vegetation management consulting firm. The company website also seems to highlight people as an important asset, which is important to me. The culture seems very employee-oriented, and your company has demonstrated consistent growth within the industry, which excites me.

Why are you currently looking for new employment opportunities?

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to this question. It is important to express what you didn’t like in your last role in a professional and polite manner. If you left because of poor work-life balance, the recruiter may be able to address work-life balance in the role you are applying for. Whatever you do, do not make negative remarks about your current or past employers.

In this case, you could say something like: My current role requires 75% travel and I am looking for a position with under 50% travel.

Tell me about a time that you faced a difficult situation at work and persevered anyway.

This question shows your ability to reflect on a time in your career when you faced a difficult situation and demonstrated perseverance. Before any interview, think back on some challenges that you have faced and how you worked through those situations.

A good response would be: In my last role, I was tasked with working independently on a project with little background information. I was able to do some research, consult with my manager, and complete the project by the deadline.

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