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Carrying the Torch Built by Women in Science

Working in the STEM field has always seemed natural for Audrey Bezilla. Our Right-of-Way (ROW) Field Biologist recalls having a love for nature and animals as far as her memory reaches.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from The Ohio State University, she joined our Research, Science, & Innovation team which collects and analyzes data in ROWs across the country — from California to Maine. Bezilla credits the women surrounding her in science for helping pave the way for Bezilla and her peers.

“Growing up, I always admired women who explored, innovated, and who were the first to do something across all fields,” said Bezilla.

One of the earliest female figures Bezilla makes note of admiring is primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall. Throughout her education, she was mentored by several other females in science, including her A.P. Biology teacher, a college engineering professor who researched keeping women in STEM and engineering, and her principal investigator on an undergraduate research project who served as a “good mentor and a strong example of a female researcher in the field.”

“We stand on their shoulders. Because of the work they’ve done paving the way for us, we haven’t faced much adversity in the way of traditional challenges presented to women in STEM — predominately male fields,” said Bezilla. “Because of their efforts, we are where we are today. I see my role as carrying the torch, continuing to advance the field, and making it easier for those who come after us.”

Her advice for up-and-coming females in STEM? Get started early. Whether it’s through industry associations, extracurricular activities, or lab research — get a head start.

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March 2024