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Career Spotlight: Consulting Utility Forester

Are you considering a career as a consulting utility forester (CUF)?

Our subject matter expert, Christy Ball, provided some simple questions to help you make that decision!

  1. Do you enjoy working outdoors, and are you unaffected by changing climates?
  2. Do you like working independently with minimal day-to-day supervision?
  3. Do you have a strong ability to identify trees in your area, regarding their growth rate and durability?
  4. Do you have your ISA Arborist Certification or are you interested in obtaining it?
  5. Do you enjoy spotting a variety of wildlife and wild plants?

Deciding on a new career can often be a difficult decision, but if you answered yes to these questions, then CUF work may be for you! Forestry careers commonly require very minimal office work but will have frequent interaction with homeowners and tree crews. As a CUF your worksite will truly be different every day, so go ahead and let nature be your office!

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