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Why We Exist

ACRT Why We Exist


Across industries and the world, it takes tremendous, sustained effort to enable the functionality of modern society. It’s massive infrastructure operating correctly. It’s moving resources and energy across vast distances. It’s properly managing large, diverse teams. And it’s doing it all safely and reliably.

Throughout the years, we’ve supported this infrastructure and helped utilities achieve measurable results. We believe that only the best people can make these things happen. It’s why we’re in business. We train our people to be safety-focused industry leaders. We educate communities nationwide to help them understand what we do and why it matters to them. And we maintain complete independence to do what’s best — and only what’s best — for our utility partners.

Everything we do is focused around empowering the best people to help sustain our world. To achieve that, we have structured our organization to focus on key areas and services: ACRT (vegetation management), ACRT Arborist Training (training), ACRT Pacific (strategic West Coast support), and Bermex (metering).

Careers with ACRT Services

We help utilities across the country keep their customers and members in power. We put safety first, always, in all that we do. If you’re ready to learn why 86 percent of our team reports being satisfied with their work, check positions currently available and apply to join us.